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What’s spousal support, and who gets spousal support?

Support payment by one ex-spouse to another, usually for a set period, as part of a divorce settlement or a court order. And in many states, they refer to it as alimony. In other words, spousal support is money ordered by a court or financial support to give to an ex-spouse or while a divorce case is pending in court.

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 Two types of spousal support exist in California, each with a different purpose. First, the court can impose temporary spousal support. At the same time, a lawsuit is underway before a final judgment, as provided for by California Family Code 3600. The amount given varies depending on the parties’ circumstances. Many counties created local court rules. Court rules establish a formula for the amount of this temporary support order.

 A temporary spousal support order can last for months or years while a case is pending final judgment. Therefore, it is super important to keep track of both parties’ financial circumstances during this time. If things change on one side, that may justify filing a motion to change the temporary support order. The change must proceed as soon as possible.

How spousal support is calculated California

The calculator found in the following link: https://calculators.law/calculators/maintenance/california can help you know an estimate of the support you may be giving or receiving. The calculation bases on your municipality, income, marriage length, and other factors. However, always reach for professional advice from our lawyers to know what corresponds to you with greater certainty.

Can spousal support be modified in California?

A divorce judgment can include a non-modifiable and permanent support order. When the divorce concludes, the judge determines the amount and duration of support. Nonetheless, it can be repaired for several years or indefinitely. In this case, you may request that the spousal support order change permanently, but only if a significant difference occurs.

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