How Do you Stop Home Foreclosure?


Stopping a foreclosure on your property is vitally important. Your house is your castle, your place of comfort and your refuge. With the way the market is going, the price of rent is going up and the value of the property is sky-rocketing – very soon many people will have a hard time finding a place to live. You need to take your house very, very seriously. If your home is in foreclosure, bankruptcy can allow you to stop a home foreclosure and get caught up on your payments.

What is the reason you are receiving so many phone calls regarding your home?

You may be receiving many phone calls each day from predators who want to buy your property for cash, “As Is”, and no closing costs to you – you just have to simply sign your property rights away to them, within a few days. You should not do this. They are trying to steal the great majority of your hard-earned equity away from you. Other entities including some financial companies are interested in your property because property values are going way up and the price of labor and building material is also skyrocketing.

In this case, you are probably asking yourself: What should I do? Where should I go? How can I get real help?

The best thing to do is for you to act fast and get correct, serious, and honest legal advice. You need to protect yourself and your assets and learn how to keep your property from being lost in foreclosure. Do not be afraid to contact a lawyer for legal advice. It is always important to have knowledge. Knowledge is power and you need to learn how to protect your assets. Your most important asset is the home that you live in. To stop a foreclosure on your property you need to hire a lawyer who is very familiar with the federal Chapter 13 process to stop the foreclosure. 

Scott Lyons and Louis Lyons are both Bankruptcy attorneys who have built their practice serving the residents of Tulare, Kings, and Fresno Counties and they are both proficient, experienced, and honest. You will receive a free consultation. You will receive free legal advice. You can then plan what to do, prevent foreclosure and stay in your property – or sell it at your leisure with the maximum profit going to you – not these cold-calling predators. 

Besides saving your home, they can help you stop any wage garnishments (including from the I.R.S. or Franchise Tax Board), protect your cars and all your property, stop your creditors, handle tax liens, prevent judgments, end lawsuits, and more.

Can Chapter 13 also stop Property Tax foreclosures?

Yes, Chapter 13 will stop the Property sale through the county assessor’s Tax Auction.

What Happens After the Tax Auction is stopped?

You then pay back the tax arrearages to the county over five years through a Chapter 13 plan.

Does the Chapter 13 plan payment pay for these property taxes?

Yes – but you need to stay current on ongoing property taxes that come due after you file your chapter 13.

What happens to IRS tax debt?

If someone is behind on his or her IRS debt, his or her attorney will put this debt in the Chapter 13 plan and pay the I.R.S. back over a five-year period. But the debtors must remain current on taxes that come due after he or she files their Chapter 13.

Can Chapter 13 stop I.R.S. and Franchise Tax Board garnishment as well as them seizing your business and property?

Yes. Federal law stops all collection actions and prevents seizures of real and personal property by the tax authorities, as well as by all your other creditors. Chapter 13 is set up to help the public to pay their taxes through stretched-out plan payments.

What happens with automobiles, vehicles, and other kinds of transportation where I am behind on payments?

All the vehicles and automobiles can be saved under Chapter 13, and clients can pay all their car payments through the chapter 13 plan payments – though, in some cases, it is cheaper to pay for the vehicles outside the chapter 13 plan.

Does Chapter 13 stop wage garnishments?

Yes, when someone files Chapter 13, all creditors must immediately stop any wage garnishments, foreclosures, IRS actions, Franchise Tax Board actions, Property tax auctions, and Automobile repossessions.

What is the difference between paying creditors through a Chapter 13 plan and paying your creditors directly?

Usually, the amount of debt someone owes is so substantial it cannot be paid all at once. Therefore, by filing Chapter 13 it gives the person a chance to pay all he owes to different creditors in smaller portions, and can thus be affordable. The point is to re-organize your debt and stretch payments to most creditors out over a longer period of time.

Is there any specific time to stay in Chapter 13?

The time is normally five years, but shorter plan periods are possible.

If someone files a Chapter 13, can they borrow money against his or her property?

Yes, but it is generally not easy or advisable.

Can a person sell his property while he is in Chapter 13?

Yes, but the money generally goes to the Chapter 13 Trustee to pay all the debtors’ unsecured debts.

How do I find a good lawyer to help me with my Chapter 13?

The way to find a good lawyer to do your chapter 7 or 13 is to make sure the attorney is competent and has real experience in this area. You must do your homework.

Is it a good idea to have an attorney help you through the internet?

Not really. You are taking a big risk by letting someone supposedly help you online. The person you contact could be from anywhere, even outside the state of California. Stay away from Scammers and incompetent attorneys. You need to have a local attorney to meet face-to-face and make sure he is real, and that he knows about the complexities of Chapter 13. He will know if you need to file Chapter 13 or not to begin with, and answer all of your legal questions in person.

If you are facing foreclosure and are resident of Tulare, Kings, or Fresno county, then you should contact the Law Office of Scott Lyons, Attorney At Law. When you contact our office you have the option to talk to Scott Lyons or his son Louis Lyons. They are both very familiar with bankruptcy law regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and will explain to you truthfully what to do and how they can help you. 

Again, protect yourself against scammers, criminals, incompetent lawyers, non-local lawyers, and stay local. Contact Scott Lyons today! 

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When faced with legal problems, you owe it to yourself to sit down with a knowledgeable attorney to sort out your options and potential solutions to those problems. You’ll find that Scott Lyons and Louis Lyons are attorneys with whom you can discuss your problems, who will consider all of your issues and give you a clear, personal explanation of your legal rights and options.

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